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IxDA Munich Survey 2011 Results

For the first time, we decided to organize a survey for designers working in Munich and surrounding areas. The goals of the survey are to get information (and share it!) about the design job market in Munich. For example, to have an idea about salaries, working hours and general conditions. The second goal is to know more about what you think about the IxDA Munich. Here are the results!



Survey Period: ca. 2 months, end of 2011.

Participants: 36

Location: mostly from Munich

Professionals: mostly interaction designers and usability experts.


The IxDA Munich Survey 2011 is published under Creative Commons 3.0: some rights reserved, you may reproduce, reblog and modify the content of this survey, but you must provide proper attribution. Link to http://www.ixdamunich.de

Download here the IxDA Munich Survey 2011 (PDF)


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IxDA Munich Survey

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