Don’t Do Things Better, Do Better Things – Pete Trainor (Director of Human Focused Digital – Nexus CX LTD)

When? Monday, May 8th at 19:00
Where? Lothstraße 5, Munich Map
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Don’t Do Things Better, Do Better Things – Pete Trainor (Director of Human Focused Digital – ?Nexus CX LTD)

Due to the way civilisations progress, we are about to observe more change in the next ten years, than of the last hundred. But how do we prevent this acceleration from eroding away our humanity? As Transhumanism becomes increasingly an every day thing, ask this: do the interfaces we’ve designed add more layers of confusion? When we strip away all those screens, what are we left with? The same thing we started with — people.

Incorporating data collected from one of Nexus’ Technoself Studies, Pete Trainor takes us back to the fundamental questions that drive us all, and through a journey of design philosophy he asks one simple question, the one we have asked through all times… why?


About the Speaker

Pete Trainor is a digital designer, bestselling author, accidental polymath, mental health campaigner and founder of Nexus in London. He talks all over the world on data driven technologies and the effects on their audiences. His recently published book “Hippo – Human Focused Digital” takes a philosophical look at technology and design, challenging us all to look inwardly at the self when designing experiences for other people.

Pete also sits on the executive board of the British Interactive Media Association.

He has a very simple mantra: Don’t do things better, do better things.



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