“Lean Design Thinking” Workshop with Alana Wood

As our industries grow and as disciplines evolve, new manifestos and ideal ways of working are emerging to deliver products to market. We’ll explore the latest terminology and experience vision generation in this snapshot session.

This is a hands-on workshop and techniques we will use include using Roman Pichler’s Lean Vision Board and Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX principles. In the true ustwo spirit we’ll try to ensure you have fun whilst we geek out.



With a decade of experience in design, Alana Wood has worked both corporate and agency side. Having started her career as a product designer in Singapore for a local “Well-being” company, she gravitated to digital through a Samsung global internship and by working for Orange France Telecom on strategic UX R&D projects in London and Tokyo. Alana now resides in London, working for ustwo where she creates digital product and services for startups and world leading brands.


When? Monday, December 15th, 2014, at 19:00.  Import IxDA Munich Calendar
Where?  IDEO GmbH, Kellerstraße 27, 81667 Munich. Map
NB: Event booked up. Since workshop space is limited, entrance with ticket only.


We would like to thank IDEO Munich for supporting the local IxD community! Drinks and snacks will be provided.


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Design in motion, the new frontier of interaction design with Antonio de Pasquale

Animation can explain behaviours better than thousand of words that’s why interaction designer should learn from motion designer.

Technological advances have allowed, in the last few years, a big step forward in the dynamic behaviors and interactions patterns that we used to do with software in the past. Motion is one of the key element of this change but how can we imagine & sketch the way something feels & reacts? Starting from the basic of motion design, we’ll discover a set of “standard” motion patterns and how we can sketch & use them in a design project to increase affordance, to simplify complex interactions and to give a new dynamic brand identity to our products.


Antonio de PasqualeAntonio De Pasquale is a Senior Interaction Designer and information architect in Frog specializing in digital user experience. He believes that designing the interaction is the most important part in communication and is fascinated by how you can communicate through movement and gestures. He has worked on numerous digital projects ranging from the field of web-tv, e-commerce, healthcare, online newspapers, corporate website to mobile and tablet applications and he participated in teaching activities at SUPSI and Politecnico di Milano.

Update: find here Antonio’s presentation


When? Monday, November 10th, 2014, at 19:00.  Import IxDA Munich Calendar
Where?  Google Germany GmbH, Dienerstrasse 12, 80331 Munich. Map


UserZoom is making Antonio’s visit to Munich possible. UserZoom is Your All-in-One User Experience Software for online UX Research.


We would like to thank Google Munich for supporting the local IxD community! Drinks and snacks will be provided.

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IxDA Munich Real World Hang Out

Bring your business card. Come as you are. Meet your fellow colleagues. Chat and enjoy the place.

Relaxation is the only bullet point in our agenda. Join us!

Your IxDA Munich team,
Rachel, Alex, Robert & Sebastian

T’ime: Monday, 13. October 2014, 7 p.m.
Location: Café L’Amar, Pestalozzistraße 28, 80469 Munich

–> Find us in the lounge (basement)
–> Food and drinks can be ordered on site

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UX sells, but not by itself with Birgit and Peter

All too often, UX work is defined by project managers and sold by salespeople. But shouldn’t we, the UX practitioners, be responsible for defining our work? And shouldn’t we be as good at selling it as salespeople are? Because designing a user experience is only half the job; the other half is studying the brief (whether internal or external), defining and presenting the best idea, and selling the project.

In this presentation, we want to share our thoughts about – and experiences with – selling UX work. We want to help you:

  • Realise why selling UX in agencies is hard, and what other types of companies are selling UX
  • Identify the steps for an agency’s pitch process (not forgetting in-house and freelance designers)
  • Pick the right structure for your proposal and presentation
  • Apply the same tricks that successful salespeople use
  • Identify who you are selling to and how to flex your selling style

We will introduce 3 UX personas and walk you through the steps of the sales process, with the goal of helping you become better at selling UX, and getting you ready for your next pitch!


Birgit GeibergerBirgit Geiberger is the Digital Strategy Director at Osudio (Amsterdam) and part-time freelance Creative Director UX.

During her 17 years of professional experience in the US & Europe, Birgit used her strong interpersonal skills and proven leadership ability to help cross-functional and cross-cultural teams in creating a respectful and enjoyable team environment. With her passion for design and people, she develops communication and design strategies that lead to useful and meaningful products. She is enthusiastic about creating harmony between functionality and aesthetics, while finding the perfect balance between business, brand and user goals.

Birgit supports the UX community by being IxDA’s Regional Coordinator for Europe, and is the founder & local leader of the IxDA chapter in Hamburg, as well as a founding team member for the inaugural interaction design awards where she was the Co-Chair Outreach. She presented at national and international conferences, and taught many workshops on UX and communication topics.
. © Francesca PalazziPeter Boersma is Interaction Design Director at Blast Radius and a design process freak. Since 1995, he has been designing complex, digital systems at (increasingly internationally-oriented) interactive agencies for clients such as ABN Amro Bank, the UK and Jamaican Inland Revenue departments, Shutterstock, Michelin, Nikon and Nokia.

At most of his former employers, he made himself responsible for documenting the design processes, as well as optimizing and promoting them, both inside and outside the organization.

Peter has given presentations and taught workshops at many national and international User Experience conferences, some of which he helped organize. Since 2001, he is the host of the Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours.


When? Monday, September 8th, 2014, at 19:00.  Import IxDA Munich Calendar
Where? Sapient, Arnulfstraße 60, 80335 München
FREE event  (but registration is required!)


Once again we would like to thank Sapient for supporting the local IxD community! Drinks and snacks will be provided.

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Workshop: Sketching Ideas with Carlos Martinez

Sketching is extremely useful for communicating concepts and ideas and as designers we are always challenged to show our thoughts beyond words. This workshop is not about drawing, is about giving you the concepts and tools so you can start communicating graphically with confidence.

If you are already an sketcher, we welcome you to enrich your experience with other fellow scribblers. If you are a beginner, we look forward to show you how easy and rewarding is to start sketching with confidence.


Carlos MartinezCarlos Martinez is an Interaction and UX designer based in Munich. He is a sketchnoting enthusiast and an avid drawer who knows how to communicate visually. Carlos experience includes working at Amadeus IT group for Lufthansa, Southwest Airlines, Turkish Airlines, TAM, Hainan Airlines among others. Today Carlos works at Xing Events but he is about to join SAP AG.


When? Monday, June 23rd, 2014, at 19:00.  Import IxDA Munich Calendar

Where?  ysura GmbH, Metzstrasse 14b, 81667 Munich. Map

FREE event  (but registration is required!)

Materials: Please bring a Gray marker with you, all other material will be provided at the workshop.



We would like to thank ysura GmbH for supporting the local IxD community! Drinks and snacks will be provided.

ysura GmbH