Responsive Design for Complex Websites

Sabine Berghaus - Senior Information ArchitectSabine Berghaus’ presentation will explore the approach and experiences resulting from a very complex relaunch project and show and discuss key takeaways, best practices and pitfalls.
In current discussions around Responsive Design a lot has emerged regarding design process changes, e.g. to a “mobile first” or “content first” approach. Adopting a responsive design approach, surely you have to change the way information architects, designers and programmers collaborate. Also it does alter the way you create deliverables and communicate them to the client. Therefore you have to rethink your workflows and define new methods and processes.

For the project – a team of 12 creatives and a client with nearly 100 stakeholders, working on a complete relaunch of the website containing different content types, in-site advertising, including order process, media center and self-care area – “we had to adapt the current best practices and define new workflows.”

After conducting research no responsive websites were found that compare to this latest project. So far only smaller and less complex websites have implemented a responsive web design. For these projects it is easier and more likely to follow an “ideal” workflow in order to create the design.

Therefore we like to look at the current best practices and methodologies preached by “responsive design evangelists” and see whether they are feasible for such a complex project. What works and what doesn’t? Can you follow a “mobile first” approach in such a project? How do you create a design specification for over 100 modules without creating a “paper monster”? How do you present responsive designs to a client who wants to see pixel perfection and important elements “above the fold”? What deliverables should be created for the client? How to communicate the topic of responsive design to a client yet unfamiliar with the concept?


About the speaker

Sabine Berghaus is a passionate UX designer and loves to explore how technology changes the way people interact and collaborate. Having started her career as a user researcher she quickly became interested in turning the results from user research into concepts and designs for digital applications. For more than 6 years now she has worked for different clients mainly from the telecommunications, entertainment, utility and healthcare industry. Her focus is on complex process-oriented and mobile solutions.

She holds a master’s degree in international information management from the university of Hildesheim and currently works a Senior Information Architect at SapientNitro in Munich.

When: Monday, April 8th at 7pm. Import IxDA Munich Calendar
Where: Sapient, Arnulfstraße 60, 80335 München

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Once again we would like to thank Sapient for supporting the local IxD community! Drinks and snacks will be provided.

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