Interaction Design (IxD) is the discipline of defining the behavior of products and systems that a user can interact with. The practice typically centers around complex technology systems such as software, mobile devices, and other electronic devices. However, it can also apply to other types of products and services, and even organizations themselves. Wikipedia

IxDA Munich (Germany) is the local chapter of the Interaction Design Association, a member-supported organization without cost of membership. The aim of the local chapter is to promote the field, coordinate meetings and serve the local design community.

IxDA Munich is part of the IxDA Europe network and the IxDA International.

Participate! Want to help with the organizing or have ideas for the meetings? Contact the coordinators: coordinators@ixdamunich.de

IxDA Munich Leadership

alexis_brion_ixda_150x150_2Alexis Brion worked at business software consultancies, at different high-volume internet companies and in the research area. In 2009 he co-founded the IxDA Munich group, since 2011 he is active at the IxDA Europe.

Alexis works as a UX designer at Carpooling.com, sporadically offers workshops and lectures at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. Linkedin Profile. Twitter: @alexisbrion

Sebastian WendlandtSebastian Wendlandt works as a design researcher for user centred products and services at Indeed Innovation. He is intrigued by people and people’s interaction with technology due to his background in anthropology.

Sebastian joined the IxDA Munich group in 2009 and helps co-organising the local events and keeps bees in Munich. Linkedin Profile

Robert BrauerRobert Brauer is an Interaction Designer and Front-end Engineer at Google with a black belt in designing emotional and lean digital products.

To satisfy his appetite for cerebral gymnastics in Interaction Design and User Experience, Robert joined IxDA in 2012 to help organize events for the local design community. Beyond that, he is an enthusiast of arts and crafts with a soft spot for artisan bakery. Linkedin Profile

Rachel SimpsonRachel Simpson works as a Freelance Interaction Designer in Munich, with a focus on prototyping new software or system concepts.

Rachel is interested in creating joyful product interactions and elegant systems based on insights derived from participatory research. She joined the IxDA when she came to Munich in 2012. Linkedin Profile

Contributors: we also work with a group of contributors helping us with the organizing of specific events. Thanks!

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IxDA Munich e.V.

Klagenfurter Str. 9
D-81669 München
Tel. 089 54870970

Vereinsregister: München
Vereinsregisternummer: VR 203523


Vorstand: Alexis Brion
Vorstand: Sebastian Wendlandt

Next Mitgliedervollversammlung on December 18th 2014 at Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8A, 80333 Munich.


Die ‘Interaction Design Association Munich’ (IxDA Munich) wurde im September 2009 als Münchner Zweig der internationalen Interaction Design Association (IxDA) gegründet. Am 8. Februar 2010 erfolgte die konstituierende Sitzung des Vereins ‘IxDA Munich’, der seine Anerkennung als eingetragener Verein vom Amtsgericht München durch die Eintragung ins Vereinsregister am 29. März 2011 erhielt (VR 203523).

Vereinssatzung IxDA Munich e.V.

Steuernummer 143 / 217 / 32519
Vereinsregisternummer: VR 203523