Cerebral Design and The Business of Change

When? Tuesday, May 8th at 19:00
Where? Futurice, Implerstr. 7, 81371 München Map

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What is the talk about?

When it comes to management, our brain is the master. It manages information and executes functions while continuously adapting to change. How does our brain respond to external and internal stimuli? Which approaches does our brain take to store and manage information? How do neurons collaborate to achieve new and complex information-processing tasks? What approaches do economic entities (companies, departments, institutions, teams) use today to organize and process information? How about IT systems? Is there a way to apply and scale our brain’s approach to organizations and IT systems?

In this talk, Dr. Lina Yassin, a neuroscientist researcher and professional change agent, and Raid Naim, digital transformation expert and technologist by heart and passion, will try to answer some of these questions and converse with you in a highly discussion-enriched milieu.

About the speakers

Dr. Lina Yassin, a neuroscientist, researcher, and lecturer working at Futurice as a change agent. From her previous life at the lab deciphering the basis of neuroplasticity conducting electrophysiological research in the field of learning and memory, today she is consulting clients with their digital transformation. Her journey from teaching problem-oriented learning at the Charite made her aware of the resemblance between neuroplasticity, agility and design thinking. At Futurice, Lina is applying lean-service-creation open-source methodology and mindset to support her clients through their cultural and organizational transformation.

Raid Naim is head of digital transformation at Futurice, a new breed of innovation consultancy that has digital values at its core. Raid is a technologist by education and passion who is professionally living in the limbo between technology and business. In the last 15 years, he worked at large industrial corporations, digital giants, and startups and is fascinated with the way people get organized around value creation.


We would like to thank Futurice for supporting the local IxD community! Drinks and snacks will be provided.

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